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“When I began to read, I began to exist.”  – Walter Dean Myers

Adult Literacy is the gateway issue that can improve every facet of our community’s economic and social well-being. For one in three adults Michigan adults, literacy skills are below fifth grade level, twice the national average. Reading Works exists to solve this issue by partnering with the best adult literacy program providers in metro Detroit for raising awareness of the value of teaching adults to read, changing public policy for greater support, and accelerating learners through educational programs.


Reading Works is supported through your generous donations. We’d like to thank the following for our most recent gifts:

  • The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan aiding us to build greater awareness of adult literacy to generate greater volunteer support.
  • The Alex and Marie Manoogian Foundation, Deloitte, Comerica, the Gannett Foundation, Strategic Staffing Solutions, and the Scripps Foundation for support of our Literacy for the Workforce Pipeline.
  • The Auto Club Group for providing transportation support for our learners.
  • The Reading Works Board of Directors.
  • And the hundreds of people who support us throughout the year.

Join us in this revolution to teach adults to read and connect them to living wage jobs. Give – and volunteer – today!

Register for the 2017 PULSE Conference to be held at Wayne State University on November 3, 2017.

PULSE is a professional development opportunity for practitioners in the field of adult literacy led by Reading Works and Wayne State University’s Harris Literacy Program featuring a multidisciplinary panel of experts and a keynote presentation by Dr. Lenox McLendon, a nationally-recognized expert in adult education and professional development for practitioners.

PULSE is designed as an interactive forum to provide a hands-on, minds-on experience that engages each participant as practical, evidence-based applications for adult literacy improvement are explored. Through PULSE, we seek to harness modern innovations in adult literacy and disseminate impactful practices that move literacy learners toward greater self-sufficiency. 

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A portion of all book sales will benefit the Reading Works mission to improve adult literacy in our region.