WXYZ is proud to sponsor the major regional effort

WXYZ – A major effort to improve literacy in our area launches today. Reading Works has set a goal of growing the literacy rate in metro Detroit by the year 2020.

WXYZ-TV is one of the proud sponsors of the project, in addition to multiple local organizations as well as print and radio organizations.

For more information on the effort visit: detroitreadingworks.org
Or to learn how you can help, call Reading Works at 313-222-6515

The Solution – Reading Works’ Collaborative Model
Reading Works has set this goal: 80 by ’20.
By the year 2020, at least 80% of adults in Metro Detroit – Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties – will read at a ninth-grade literacy level or above.

Reading Works will:

Fund literacy providers that can increase their capacities and show outcomes. Agencies funded by Reading Works will increase the number of adult learners they serve, improve retention rates and provide personal guidance to learners as they advance to higher levels. Measured outcomes will include the number of adult learners who enter programs, how many remain engaged to reach higher reading levels, and how many progress to job-readiness training, vocational training, GED-prep level and secondary education.

Link literacy providers and other social services. This will remove barriers that prevent many learners from staying engaged and moving forward to employment that can sustain a family. Many learners need help with transportation, child care, health care, vision screening and eyeglasses. These services are currently provided inconsistently and in isolation. In the Reading Works model, funding will be allocated and partnerships formed to make these services available.
Establish a network among literacy providers to share best practices. This will be done with newsletters, conferences, Web site updates and inter-agency communication facilitated by Reading Works.

Help providers strengthen the connection between learners and skilled work. Reading Works will work with businesses and civic organizations to offer mentoring, job-shadowing and apprenticeships as appropriate to the level of skill of the adult learner.

Provide a mass media campaign to raise public awareness. The RWA will use its high-profile media members to great effect and will encourage community leaders in business, sports, entertainment, media, and the non-profit sector to participate in the social marketing of Reading Works. The public campaign will begin with a splash – and will be ongoing.

Funding Goals — Short-Term Urgency, Plus Sustainability
Reading Works will ensure that motivated adults in Metro Detroit have access to high-quality service providers, conveniently situated, at minimal or no personal expense. To accomplish that, significant new and consistent funding is urgently required. Reading Works will begin funding selected agencies by January 2012 and expand the program in future years.

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