Past Stories

Michigan Chronicle Highlights Reading Works and the Battle to Address Detroit’s Literacy Crisis.  

Bankole Thompson, senior editor of the Michigan Chronicle, recently accepted Paul Anger’s invitation to join the Board of Directors of Reading Works.  He describes the community initiative as a worthwhile project that was long overdue. Click the following pages to read more.  Michigan Chronicle Reading Works Update Page B-1 Michigan Chronicle Reading Works Update Page B-2

Detroit Free Press Provides Reading Works Update in Special Section.   

Click here to see how the community-wide effort to boost adult literacy in Metro Detroit is gaining momentum.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7 TV Highlights Reading Works and Adult Literacy The Week of September 17, 2012

Help is available for adults who have trouble reading!  During the week of September 17, 2012, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 ran a story every night on the 5:00 p.m. news highlighting the adult illiteracy issue and urging adults to call 2-1-1 to find a program for reading help.  Reading Works is very encouraged by the spike in calls to the 2-1-1 line that week and the week following the coverage.  We thank our partner, Channel 7 and the Detroit 2020 team for their incredible coverage!

Day 1 featured an overview of the issue.  Click here to watch the story.

Day 2 shared the inspiring story of one learner, Kristina, who overcame adult illiteracy and had a happy story to share.  Click here to watch the story.

Day 3 introduced us to two incredible volunteer tutors who decided to give back at ages 79 and 80.  Click here to watch the story.

Day 4 took us  inside United Way and its 2-1-1 referral line showing us just how easy it is for an adult who struggles with reading to find help. Click here to watch the story.

Day 5 highlighted what Reading Works is doing to help adults overcome some of the more common barriers to sticking with a reading program. Click here to watch the story.

Rochelle Riley: $180,000 in grants a big milestone for metro Detroit’s Reading Works literacy effort

A huge milestone for Reading Works! $180,000 in expansion grants to our partner literacy agencies to assist with the increased number of learners in their programs. Click here to read more!

Michigan Chronicle- Nov. 30 – Dec. 6 2011

A transformation is underway in Detroit.

This time it isn’t about automobiles or economics; it isn’t the city’s crime or unemployment rate – though all of these things may be impacted. The heart of this transformation is education. Detroiters are standing up to address the problem of adult illiteracy.

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