St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF Center)

16800 Trinity, Detroit, MI  48219,
(313) 535-9200


Adult Literacy Program:  

  • Pre-GED
  • GED Preparation


St. Vincent & Sarah Fisher (SVSF) Center’s Adult Program is a free, personalized tutoring program that focuses upon helping adults (age 18 or older) in becoming more self-sufficient and contributing members to the community and economy, through education. We help students learn, not just pass the GED.  SVSF approaches each student’s individual learning needs from a social work perspective, working to identify and provide students with assistance to overcome barriers that have prevented them from reaching their goals.  When an adult obtains their GED, they are better positioned to obtain secure and stable employment.  This economic empowerment is critical for the residents of our area.  80% of our students have told us that they are seeking their GED in order to better support their families.

A GED helps the adult, helps the family and helps our community.  Bringing education to the community, SVSF has four locations for Adult services.  Visit for locations, days and times.


Mission Statement:  

SVSF provides educational programs, basic skill building and learning enhancement for at-risk children and adults, designed to build self-sufficiency skills for academic and employment success, personal achievement and dignity.


Other Programs Offered:


SVSF believes that to truly change the learned generational resistance to education in our community, supplemental education should be available for children as well as adults.


  • Free, individualized after-school and summer education programs for children in grades 1-5, designed to offer year round reading and math skill building to bridge the educational gap in Detroit.  The program is for students who are motivated to learn, and for parents who support their learning.  Visit for more information.


Why do our programs work?

  • Our instructors work one on one with the student and encourage their self-motivation.
  • SVSF students take the test when they are ready, using as much or as little time as they need to become prepared.
  • We treat every student as an individual, tailoring the program to meet their own educational needs.  Each student works at their own pace.
  • The Adult Program is not “one size fits all”.  Our staff works with each student to identify if they have a barrier to learning that may be preventing them from achieving their goals.
  • Passing the GED is not the end of our services.  We work with our graduates to provide their “next step”, whether it vocational training, workforce placement or pursuing higher education.
  • The Team helps students to register for the GED and obtain fast results.
  • SVSF pays testing fees for students and provides transportation to and from the testing site.


Local GED Testing Centers have told us that a typical walk-in test taker for the GED, passes all four segments only 20% of the time.  Our students have a first-time pass rate of more than 90%, with a significant number of our graduating students qualifying for tuition assistances to institutions of higher learning, due to their high GED Test scores.  We want our students to pass the first time they take the GED, so they can move on to the next goal in their life.