Our Mission

Reading Works is dedicated to raising the level of adult literacy in Metro Detroit and promoting the idea that Reading Works – in the family and in the workplace.

This mission is based on the knowledge that reading at a minimum proficiency is necessary for achieving the sustainable work and life skills that will transform the future for individuals, their families and our region.

Using the collective impact model, Reading Works partners with vetted literacy providers (“Impact Partners”), working together around the common goal of improving adult literacy.  Reading Works offers structure and support toward both scaling the good work that is being done; and accelerating our impact through sharing best practices and researching new literacy building methods.  Through the Reading Works Community Database we are measuring our impact, using the data collected to continually improve our collective outcomes.

The Reading Works Alliance, consisting of a dedicated board of directors, media partners, donors and volunteers, help provide the community effort and support necessary to have the significant impact needed to scale and accelerate adult literacy success.

We are committed to connecting adult learners and volunteer tutors with our Impact Partners.

We are committed to removing low literacy as an obstacle to job opportunities.

We are committed to improving outcomes for children by helping their parents learn to read.

We are committed to raising the funds necessary to help our Impact Partners reach more learners.

We are committed to bringing the issue of adult literacy to policy makers and job creators to generate more resources toward this critical issue.

Everyone can be involved – as a volunteer, as an advocate, and as a donor.  Contact us to find out more.



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